All the full-time support and care
that older people and the disabled need to live a full and dignified life
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About Us

SHC celebrates its 35-year anniversary in 2020 and is the largest provider of residential services in the County. With more than 600 employees, providing residential and nursing care services within Sussex, offering specialist care for individuals offering a range of individualised care packages, promoting personalised care and support. With a head office in Warnham, West Sussex, the company also has an onsite training academy providing around 9,800 courses a year.

More than just a home

Good health is much more than just the absence of illness. We recognise that leisure, social and recreational activities are essential to a person's overall good health and sense of well-being. Every home provides a full programme of activities to stimulate, motivate and interest the individual, encouraging them to use their faculties to the fullest extent. Activities are selected for individuals bearing in mind their previous interests as well as their current abilities. Participation and initiative are encouraged, old skills and interests are recalled and new ones are learned.

SHC offers a range of individualised care packages promoting personalised care and support. Additional services include: respite care, day-care, a specialist gymnasium, sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pools, activities, transport, physiotherapy and several holistic therapies.

Our vision

Our vision is of a society where each person, regardless of their age or disability, has the opportunity to live their life, their way.


Our mission is to hear the voice of the people we support, to provide the opportunity for people to achieve their potential, in order to improve the quality of the person's life.

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Our onsite training academy, Boldings Brook Academy, in Warnham, West Sussex, provides development, research and education to healthcare professionals. The academy provides around 9,800 courses a year, including:

  • E-learning
    • CareShield
    • NCC accredited
  • Edexcel
    • The UK's largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications
  • Apprenticeships
  • Specialist
  • Management
  • Face-to-face

Care Homes for Older People


Homes Specialising in Dementia Care


Homes Specialising in Neurological Care 

Homes Specialising in PMLD Care